Difficult Impossible Person Tool #1
  This just sounds too simple doesn't it? All I have to do to deal with my difficult impossible employees is to talk to them? Yes.
    We get so frustrated when we have to deal with difficult people that we just decide to ignore the problem in the hopes that it will just disappear. Does it? No. The problems get worse and the problems spread to the other employees. Now I have a whole staff, department, or team that is difficult. You want to know why? Because silence is approval, acceptance, agreement and assent of their inappropriate behavior!  
    Our frustration comes from: never being taught how to deal with difficult people; thinking that there is such a thing as "common sense"; believing that if a person accepted the job that they would actually "do" the job; disbelief in the lack of respect, integrity, and accountability of the people hiring in; not having the words to fall back on; fear of litigation and fear of failure.  
    The first action you will take is actually a two-step process.  
Step 1:
Tell them the behavior you want changed.

Step 2:
Tell them the behavior you want them to do.

    Just because you tell them the inappropriate behavior never assume that they know what you do want. To be an effective manager and supervisor you need to be specific about what you want. If you wrote the action down on paper could anyone read this direction or task and know exactly what they're supposed to do? Or could they interpret the direction or task in a different way?  
    You also have to ask yourself this question: "If they get the results that I want is it okay with me if they do it 'their' way?" Am I more concerned about "how" they get the project done or am I concerned about "what" they get done?  
    Either way you have to be specific and communicate what you want. I will give you one guarantee; your employees can't and won't read your mind! Which is a very, very good thing.  

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